Get a Reduced Fare Card for Students in Capitol Heights, MD

Are you a student in Capitol Heights, MD looking for a way to save money on public transportation? You're in luck! There are several options available to you that can help you get a reduced fare card. TheBus accepts cash and SmarTrip cards for fare payments. Bus-to-bus transfers are free when using SmarTrip, and other passes such as weekly or monthly passes are also available. Make sure to have the exact fare ready when boarding.

The Mass Transportation Benefits Program (MTBP) is an employer-provided mass transit fare subsidy offered to eligible employees who use mass transit to and from work. To be eligible, you must be re-certified annually. Personnel with the TDY or LTT category are not eligible for mass transit benefits under the Supplemental Mass Transportation Benefits Program. The MTBP was established in October 2000 and is offered to employees and military service members who meet the requirements, to the extent authorized by law and regulations, to reduce pollution and traffic congestion, preserve the environment and expand transportation alternatives. If you have a disability, you can request a reduced rate by having an application signed by a licensed medical professional. Alternatively, if you are under the age of 65, you can use your Medicare card to get a reduced rate. Getting a reduced fare card for public transportation in Capitol Heights, MD is easy! With the options available, you can save money on your commute and make your life easier.

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