Requesting a New Bus or Train Route in Capitol Heights, MD: A Step-by-Step Guide

Metro is proposing changes to the transportation facilities at Capitol Heights Station to enable joint development in the future and increase passenger numbers. The proposed changes include relocating the bus circuit and Kiss & Ride facilities, reducing the capacity of Kiss & Ride to eight spaces, and eliminating the Park & Ride parking lot with 372 spaces. The Green Line is a rapid transit line of the Washington metro system, consisting of 21 stations in Washington, D. C. It runs from Branch Avenue to Greenbelt and shares a route with the Yellow Line from L'Enfant Plaza to Mount Vernon Square.

In March 1968, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) board approved its 98-mile (158 km) Adopted Regional System (ARS), which included the Green Line from Branch Avenue to Greenbelt. It also foresaw possible future expansions to Laurel (Maryland) and Brandywine (Maryland).The southern section of the line was not without problems. The site of Anacostia Station, at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr., was a source of contention. Two additional realignments occurred at the northern end of the Green Line, but with less acrimony.

North of Fort Totten, the line should have come to the surface at the median of the North Central Highway, I-95, and continued to a point just west of Hyattsville Crossing, with an intermediate station in Chillum. However, due to the cancellation of I-95 that crossed the District and reached the ring road in 1974, Metro selected a new route that would border most of a park instead. The other alignment dispute occurred in the Petworth section of Washington and concerned whether the tunnel would pass under or border Rock Creek Cemetery and how to pass through its soft-earth cemetery (i) and what would be the least disturbing path below New Hampshire Avenue from Georgia Avenue-Petworth to Columbia Heights. Over time, Metro lined the cemetery using the New Austrian tunnel construction method and piled up under New Hampshire Avenue. Along with the Red Line, the Green Line is one of two subway lines that don't enter Virginia. It is also the only subway line that runs completely inside the Capital Beltway.

Initially, ARS proposed that it be placed in the middle strip of the planned North Central highway, but after its cancellation, Metro had to select a new route. In January 1978, a regional WMATA working group approved a Green Line route in Anacostia that would follow Martin Luther King Jr.'s route. Metro held long-awaited Green Line hearings in October 1981 in Prince George's County (not D. C.). At Capitol Heights Station, Metro proposes relocating its circular bus line and Kiss & Ride station, reducing Kiss & Ride capacity to eight spaces, and eliminating Park & Ride station with 372 spaces. The proposed modifications to Capitol Heights transportation facilities also serve to advance Metro's Strategic Transformation Plan objectives which include increasing passenger numbers and generating revenue from fares and taxes that support Metro and local jurisdictions while encouraging sustainable local and regional growth. If you are interested in requesting a new bus or train route in Capitol Heights, MD you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Contact Your Local WMATA Office

The first step is to contact your local WMATA office for more information on how to submit your request.

They will be able to provide you with all of the necessary information on how to submit your request.

Step 2: Submit Your Request

Once you have all of the necessary information from your local WMATA office, you can submit your request for a new bus or train route in Capitol Heights. Make sure that you provide all of the necessary information so that your request can be processed quickly.

Step 3: Wait for Approval

Once you have submitted your request for a new bus or train route in Capitol Heights, you will need to wait for approval from WMATA. Depending on how many requests they receive and how complex your request is, this process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Route!

Once your request has been approved by WMATA, you can start enjoying your new bus or train route in Capitol Heights! Make sure that you take advantage of this new transportation option as much as possible so that you can get around town quickly and easily.

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